ART LIVES TORIDE ここで芸術が生まれる。

神保 惇
Jun Jinbo


We have a kiln in the garden. I use charcoal for about 12 hours. I think if we could carbonize the charcoal at the right temperature, it would come out even better. The bottom row and the top row, the front and the back, are completely different. Next time, I think I’ll try going back to the previous method.



I also tested various glazes on my own and decided on the texture I liked best. While doing this, I also learned that some glazes do not melt in our kiln. I keep adjusting and repeating the process. It’s all about whether I think it’s beautiful or not. When I think about sales, it is difficult to make a profit with this kiln.
This is the best result I’ve ever had in that kiln.




Can you see the inside of the shell? It’s called “saikou. The clay and glaze I use should not have done this, but it turned out this beautiful pink. When I made it, I was a genius! It’s the best in the world! I thought, “This is the best in the world! Well, I was just lucky. I was simply happy when I could make something like this, and since it would support me, I thought that was good enough.
I’m starting to imagine how to do it, so I think it will come out again as I go along. Once I can get a steady output, I’ll get bored, so I’ll just write a paper and be done with it.
I don’t last long at anything. But I’ve come to the point where I don’t get bored with ceramics. I know that when I do it, I feel at home.





I have been drawing pictures since elementary school and went to high school where there was an art course. There, they had an anagama kiln. That is how I started making ceramics. While researching schools where I could study ceramics, I was told that there was a place called Geidai (University of the Arts).
When I entered the university, I tried other materials and found woodworking interesting, so I really wanted to do lacquer at university and woodworking at graduate school. I really wanted to do lacquer at university and woodworking at graduate school, but I was not allowed to do so because of the limited number of students. I had been doing it for a while, so I decided to do ceramics. That’s how it was going to be.
There was a time when I worked from morning till night as a part-time instructor to get a proper job after graduating from the university. I wasn’t doing any ceramics at that time, but it became hard for me.
It wasn’t so much that I wanted to do ceramics, but rather that I was doing it because it made me mentally stable. Even now, I think, “This is my job! I’m going to make a living at it! It’s not that I’ve made up my mind that this is my job or that this is how I’m going to make a living. In my case, it is obvious that I can be happier when I am making things. So I thought, “Is that OK? I make things because it is easier to make them.




I mainly make tableware and things to be used. I feel that making objects like objects is kind of weird. I think it is more interesting to break out of the mold. I think I’m just trying to immerse myself in the mold. I am searching for what feels good to me, what is just right.
I think clay is the only material that I make by directly touching it. Wood requires a chisel, and painting requires a brush. With clay, the shape of the body appears as it is in ceramics.
I don’t think the essential things have changed. It is like self-discovery. You observe yourself by placing your body against it. The feelings and tension of the artist at the time of creation appear in the form, so I observe the feedback. If I can get this way with what I made, then I can try this next time. I think that building up in this way suits my nature.



When you are doing the same kind of work all the time, your ego disappears. The ego is the one that says, “Let’s do this, let’s do that. I think, “Shut up! I want to be as pure and flat as possible. It’s like sitting in zazen meditation.
It’s fun to forget about something and be absorbed in it. Society requires us to follow certain rules, so we are freed from those rules and become free. For me, that is when I am working with clay.